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Get free information from writers, book editors, book designers, book marketers, and publishing experts on getting started, publisher registrations (ISBNs, LCCNs, PCIP, etc,) book editing, and book design and layout. All reports include recommended guidebook resources, insider how-to info, and additional seminar resources. All guides are digital PDF e-book downloads. All downloads are free.

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FREE Publisher Registrations & Getting Started Publishing a Book

You must realize that, as a publishing writer, you are a business person. You are going to write your book; obtain book editing, book design, and book layout; manage your publishing affairs; distribute your book; become a book marketer; promote your book; and sell your book. Therefore you must take some very simple and intuitive steps to launch your publishing business start-up.

This free book publishing info will lay the groundwork for building your book AND the steps you'll take later to market your book. In this Smart Start excerpt, you'll explore the vital considerations in becoming a publisher and self-publishing a book. Lots of info on preparation, publisher registrations, and creating a book publishing plan. Below is a list of the topics covered in this excerpt.

This FREE Smart Start excerpt PDF e-book download includes:

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Writing Your Book & Understanding the Book Editing Process

What is involved in writing a book? Learn how to become a writer and create a well-developed book. Learn what to expect in the book editing process and how book editors actually edit books. Learn how to plan your book content for your market and your audience. Learn how to build in turnkey book marketing content that can be repurposed for book promotion material. Also includes guidebook resources on writing and editing. Here is what is included:

This FREE Smart Start excerpt PDF e-book download includes:

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Designing Your Book & Preparing Your Page Layout

What is involved in designing a book? Learn how to create a well-developed book. Learn what to expect in the page layout process and how book designers and typesetters actually produce books. Learn how to plan your book content for your market and your audience. Learn how to build in turnkey book marketing content that can be repurposed for book promotion material. Discusses book cover design and what makes a successful book cover. Also includes guidebook resources on graphic design, book design, page layout, typesetting and book editing references. Here is what is included:

This FREE Smart Start excerpt PDF e-book download includes:

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Path to Publishing Roadmap

How does the process of publishing a book work? Take a look at the process of manuscript critiquing, publishing consultation, publisher registrations, book editing, book cover design, book design and page layout, book marketing, and book printing here at Pneuma Books. This flowchart will give you a good idea of the step by step process.

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Additional Info, Helps, and How-To

The following downloadable seminars and white papers will help you with your writing and book publishing issues.

Get Professional Advice

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History of the Smart Start Kit

The Smart Start Kit how-to document on writing and publishing began about 5 years ago as a hardcopy version that included vendor and association literature. It grew out of our seminar presentations and a need to educate new publishers about commercial publishing.

Because of the great demand for the Smart Start Kit, we moved the information online and discontinued hardcopy availability. All vendor info can now be accessed via our Links page.

Then we began offering it as a single PDF e-book so users could reference the material without going to our website.

We also began planning a Smart Start tradebook that included expanded and updated material. Those plans have been put on hold due to publisher interest in the material. If you have requested a tradebook, please be patient.

When we updated the material, in order to reduce file size and target user needs, we divided the material topically into stand-alone PDF e-books. The first three sections are done and available here -- getting started, book editing, and book design. The latter three are scheduled for release in summer 2007.

Much of the original Smart Start Kit material has changed over time, having been repurposed into many informative, individual seminars and reports that are available at this site.

Be sure to visit the Seminars section and the Links pages to round out your research and get off to a Smart Start.

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