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Elements considered in book design are: competition, marketplace, trend, publishing brand, series id, subject matter, audience, usage, length, additional elements (tables, photos, illustrations, sidebars, extracts, and back matter), distribution venue, and printing. The book design affects other choices for size, paper, ink, fonts, typesetting, content structure, margins, folios, and more. The end result is an aesthetic representation of the book design's personality that is sure to get market attention. Take a look at some of the book design choices we made for our clients.

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Wrong Feet First

Wrong Feet First: A Gift of Stories for Your Inside-Out Kind of Day, by Arta D. Banks. A 128-page inspirational giftbook (hardback) of anecdotal vignettes. Truly delicious. We assisted the author with the development of chapter matter, such as epigraphs and photos. 


The Motley Fool Investment Tax Guide 2001

The Motley Fool Investment Tax Guide 2001 published by The Motley Fool. A 448-page 6x9 guide to tax issues for investors. Part of the Fool Publishing product line. This book is replete with sidebars, features, tables, appendices, and an index. 


Anthology of a Crazy Lady   Download PDF
book design
Anthology of a Crazy Lady: A Creative Cure Through Writing and Art, by Susan L. Heisler. A 192-page autobiographical look at mental illness and recovery through the arts. Includes illustrations, extracts, and sidebars. 


The Dead Bison Theory 

The Dead Bison Theory and Other Secret for Leadership in an EXCESSIVE performance Organization by Donald Thomas Carte. An excellent business management tradebook. Complete with dialogue, charts and tables and section openers. 

>>Top Daily Trading Journal

The Daily Trading Journal published by In addition to journal entry pages, this diary has an introduction and product back matter. The illustrations at the top of the pages here handcrafted for the book. 96 pp Wire-O bound. 


All God's Children Download PDF
book design
All God's Children: The Tumultuous Story of AD 31-71; How the First Christians Challenged the Roman World and Changed The Next 2000 Years by James D. Snyder. A well-researched 696-page historical retelling of how the first Christians challenged the Roman world and shaped the next 2000 years. Includes bibliography, appendices, and endphotos. 


 Youth Can Minister   Download PDF
book design
Youth Can Minister: How Families & Churches Can Nurture & Release Ministering Youth, by Bruce and Lynn Latshaw. A 192-page handbook for ministers and lay people on the subject of raising youth into competent ministers to other youth. Includes pullquotes in the margins. 


Dance On Fire  Download PDF
book design
Dance on Fire: Glimpses From Pete's Life, by Peter L. Richardson. A 120-page literary work combining the poetry and sketchwork of this Delaware writer / poet. 


Mega-Cooking  Download PDF
book design
Mega-Cooking, by Jill Bond. This is a work in progress. Approx 512 pages on this revolutionary bulk-cooking method. Cookbook contains recipes, index card shots, methods, tables, glossary, and indices. 


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